Keep your car running at its best by choosing Texaco with Techron

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When it comes to filling up at the pump, it’s important to remember that not all gas is created equal, and fuel can affect your engine’s performance! To keep your car running its best over time, use Texaco with Techron.

“Not all gas is the same. Most fuel providers use a special additive, and that additive is what makes all the difference,” says Brand Manager Heather Namahoe. “No matter how many ingredients others stuff in, you won’t find a gasoline anywhere with more cleaning power than Texaco with Techron. And all that cleaning power is what helps give your car unbeatable performance!”

While cleaning the outside of your car is important, doing the same on the inside is just as critical. Namahoe says that’s why it really does matter where you fill it.

“No gas cleans your engine better than Texaco with Techron,” she says simply.

When it comes to choosing fuel grades, you should follow your car’s specifications. Whether you use regular, plus, or supreme – Texaco has you covered.

“Not all gas brands will put their top performer in every gallon, but we’re not like other gas brands! We put Techron in every drop, and Techron gives you proven unbeatable mileage so you can make the most out of your fill-up,” Namahoe explains.

Texaco is also helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. Every time you fill up at a Texaco across the state, its Ho` āla program offsets those carbon emissions up to 30 percent. Ho` āla invests in certified carbon offset projects like wind farms and partners with local eco nonprofits like Mālama Learning Center to support the Ola Nā Kini program, which is regenerating native and edible forests.

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