Kauai Federal Credit Union makes a big difference in the community

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Kauai Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union. Originally founded in 1947 as Kauai T&C Federal Credit Union, they eventually became Kauai Government Employees FCU. Today, they are simply Kauai Federal Credit Union. They were founded by those who teach, care, build and protect Kauai. Kauai Federal Credit Union was made by Kauai, for Kauai, and owned by Kauai. After all, while government employees have always been central to the mission, Kauai Federal Credit Union serves all of Kauai and everyone can be eligible to join.

We all talk about eating local, supporting local small businesses, but rarely do we think about where we are putting our money. When we bank local, with a local credit union, owned and formed by its members, our money stays locally and is reinvested into our community by strengthening like-minded partnerships, keiki programs, and other nonprofits. It also comes back to members in affordable rates on loans and mortgages, and higher dividends.

Kauai Federal Credit Union is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Being a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) means access to federal grants and funds to help strengthen the community. This means special loan rates, guiding anyone through financial hardship, and even getting rent and utilities paid.

Recently, a beautiful new mural was painted at Kauai Federal Credit Union by muralist Maxine Longoria. It represents the credit union’s story. 12 Nene represent the 12 men who hui’d together in 1947. They each brought $5 which was the start of Kauai “T & C” Federal Credit Union. Keiki handprints represent nurturing the future.

Chantal Zarbaugh has a history and passion for serving her community. She works as a volunteer for several non-profits and is dedicated to improving the quality of life here on Kauai. She has been a member of Kauai FCU since she was young, served as a volunteer and now, as the Business Development Officer she focuses on relationship building businesses and the credit union.

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