Katsu Sando 808 cooks up delicious Japanese style sandwiches

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Katsu Sando 808 started when Mark Szczepanski and his friends decided to get together to start a business. “We saw a few katsu restaurants around, but no one was really just doing the sandwiches. So instead of trying to compete with everybody else, we wanted to just specialize in a couple of the Japanese style katsu sandwiches,” says Mark. The response from the public has been phenomenal, and Mark attributes their success to the fresh, local ingredients they use.

Katsu Sando 808 specializes in Japanese style katsu sandwiches. They have a variety of different sandwiches to choose from like their chicken/tonkatsu sandwiches, Menchi Katsu Burger with spicy katsu sauce, and their popular egg salad sandwich! To find out where Katsu Sando 808 will be for the day, follow their Instagram @katsusando808 or visit their website at!

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