Kalihi’s Iron Hawaiian Fitness offers unique training experience

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It’s known as the pacific Mecca of bodybuilding. If you’re looking to make progress on your fitness goals this year, Iron Hawaiian Fitness in Kalihi has everything you need to train! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson dropped by to get some tips from the pros and try out some of the gym’s unique equipment.

Though the gym has made upgrades year after year, Iron Hawaiian Fitness offers a unique experience. It may not always have the newest workout gear, but the gym caters to those who are on a mission. From powerlifting to bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes, the team at Iron Hawaiian hand selects every piece of equipment because it’s what works best! The gym offers an atmosphere to keep you focused while also making sure you feel at home. Real people, real gym, real training!

Iron Hawaiian Fitness was founded in 2011 by Oahu native by Marc Kenolio. In 2012, Kenolio then moved his small, one-on-one, personal training studio to a larger space and decided to expand by allowing independent trainers to pay a fee to train their own clients. Once the gym moved to the larger space and additional trainers began working there, Iron Hawaiian was able to grow even more.

With some help from friends, Kenolio was able to establish a reputable training environment. He was quickly able to bring in a few full-time personal trainers, which led to further expansion of the gym. He got more equipment, more clients, and added more and more square footage to the gym. From 2012 to 2014, Iron Hawaiian would more than triple the amount of gym equipment, giving people a better and more complete training experience.

With Iron Hawaiian Fitness, you won’t find any sign-up fees or contracts! Drop by or email for more information.

Iron Hawaiian Fitness
1727 Republican St.
Honolulu, HI 96819

For more information:, or on Facebook and Instagram: @ironhawaiianfitness

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