Kaiser Permanente Outlines Member Vaccination Rollout Procedure

Kaiser Permanente today sent information to its members on how it plans to roll out vaccinations on different islands this week for select groupings, and procedures in place for scheduling appointments.

Oʻahu: Starting this week, Kaiser Permanente Hawaiʻi members on Oʻahu who are registered on and are age 75 and over will receive an email notification to schedule their vaccine appointment at one of the island’s vaccination centers. Members not registered on will receive notification by mail with information to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.

Maui Island: KP Hawaiʻi members on Maui in Phases 1A and 1B are asked to visit the Maui Health website for eligibility information and to schedule their appointments. 

Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi Island and Kauaʻi: Information will be shared with KP Hawaiʻi members on Hawaiʻi Island, Kauaʻi, Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi on scheduling appointments as soon as the service is available.

“A vaccination effort of this size is new for all of us. We appreciate your patience and are working to get you vaccinated as quickly as possible with available vaccine supply,” according to a member email issued on Tuesday.

Kaiser Permanente must administer COVID-19 vaccines according to Hawaiʻi state public health guidelines. The state determines how much vaccine Kaiser Permanente and other vaccine providers receive.

KP Hawaiʻi members wanting up-to-date information on how to can get the vaccine, when they are eligible, and vaccination center hours are asked to visit or call our 24/7 recorded message hotline at 1-855-550-0951 for regular updates. 

There are currently two vaccination clinics on Maui, one operated by Maui Health at the Maui Memorial Medical Center and a drive-in clinic operated by the State Department of Health’s Maui District Health Office at the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College; however the Maui hospital location is the only one currently offering vaccinations to those in the 1B group. Maui Health is also the only current location offering vaccinations to those registering as Kaiser Permanente Hawaiʻi members on Maui that qualify under the guidelines posted above for the 1A and 1B priority groupings.

When registering, Kaiser Permanente Hawaiʻi members MUST select Maui Health – MMMC (Maui Memorial Medical Center) Main Lobby locationIf any other location is selected, members are advised that they will be turned away when they arrive even if they were able to secure an appointment at another site.

The Maui Health site expanded its COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic on Friday to include vaccinations for Hawaiʻi residents that fall within the CDC identified Phase 1A and Phase 1B vaccine prioritization timeline.

Meantime, the Maui District Health Office site at UHMC is still attempting to finish vaccinations for those in the 1A priority grouping (which includes health care workers and long-term care facility residents) as well as first responders.

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