Kai Greene Shared Some Of His Sports Philosophy

Kai Greene is a bodybuilder who has never finished Olympia competition being a winner. However, his contribution to the sports development and popularization is incredibly huge. Kai is not only a sportsman, but also a creative artist and, as we may see, a great thinker and philosopher. He has often wondered his fans by great motivational quotes and recommendations.

One can easily say that Kai Greene has changed a lot in the sport and in the way people see it. That’s true. Moreover, Kai keeps showing bodybuilding as a complicated sport that trains not only a body but also a mind.

Kai told that his professional bodybuilding career was over. However, he keeps training hard and demonstrating great physique. Greene was among best Olympia sportsmen and he stays in the same great shape even after he decided not to go on the competition stage anymore.

Recently Greene shared a video from his routine training to show what stands behind that great look and impressive performance we used to enjoy, seeing Kai on stage. While many sportsmen give general pieces of advice and share their training programs, Kai is not looking for such a simple way to inspire his fans. For him, good training is more than an effective program and set of exercises. Kai believes that only a combined work of your body, mind, and spirit may lead you to a great result.

Before Greene told that his goal was not to be the best one among Olympia competitors but to be better than he used to be a day before. Kai believes that his mind and spirit is something that makes him push the limit day after day, becoming better every time he comes to a gym.

To become your best, it can’t boil down to a formula of sets and reps. It’s the accumulation of all the knowledge and training that person has done over years and years.

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