Island Energy well-positioned to service Hawaii’s energy needs into the future

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Island Energy Services is the successor company to a 130 plus year fuel supply history started by Pacific Oil & Gas in the late 1800s. In the end, it was better know as Standard Oil and finally Chevron. In November 2016, Island Energy took the reins as a locally managed and head-quartered company continuing to provide much needed fuel products to serve Hawai’i.

“We’re no longer refining fossil fuels. Instead, Island Energy is importing the fuels needed to meet the state’s current energy demand,” says CEO Jon Mauer. “We supply jet fuel, gasoline, and utility oil to support transportation needs throughout the islands. As the state’s energy demand changes, we’re able to adapt our business to service Hawai`i well into the future.”

Island Energy is already taking steps to move its company and products toward a cleaner future. It recently introduced Ho`āla, the only program in the state, to offset vehicle carbon emissions from fuel purchased at our stations. When customers fuel at any Texaco in Hawai`i, Island Energy offsets the carbon emissions from that purchase by up to 30 percent. To date, the program has offset carbon equivalent to driving 129 million miles, which is the equivalent to keeping 11,219 cars off the roads!

“We also are looking at ways to integrate clean energy technologies such as PV solar into our existing operations,” Mauer adds. “We believe this is not only the right thing to do, but a smart way to reduce energy cost in our own business.”

Ho`āla means to rise up and make new. Since Island Energy stepped away from refining fossil fuels, the company has had the flexibility to service customers from every spectrum, including those interested in bringing greener alternatives to the islands. Because of its strong infrastructure, the company is well-positioned to service Hawaii’s energy needs, whatever they may be, today and into the future.

“Island Energy is a local company with a local workforce. We have strong ties to the community, and our focus will always remain on providing safe, reliable, and quality energy options for everyone in Hawai`i,” Mauer says.

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