Insider Story: Dad and sports buff, Jim

Jim Jansen and his wife, Emily, bought their Sleep Number bed last year during the Minnesota State Fair—an unexpected venue, perhaps, but a fittingly bustling one for a couple that likes to stay on the go.

Jim works on the products and services side of a financial services company, but once he and Emily are home, “We try to get outside as much as we can and just keep moving.” This includes meeting up with family and friends, taking on house projects (including finishing their garage and basement) and, most of all, sports.

Their young son just started T-ball, and Jim plays in multiple rec leagues. “You name it, I probably still do it,” he says. The list includes softball (he plays in the outfield), hockey (forward), and football (cornerback-slash-wide receiver).

“I grew up playing sports and always remember watching my parents, and now I’m doing the same thing for my kids,” Jim says. The family also enjoys watching sports, particularly the Minnesota Twins. “They’re my favorite team—even with the constant heartache,” he says. “This is where I live, so that’s the team I’m rooting for.”

At home, the kids’ sporting life sometimes even makes its way to their parents’ Sleep Number bed: “The kids like to wrestle on top of it,” Jim says with a chuckle. “And it’s held up well! When you have small children, durability is really important.”

The bed has also served Jim and Emily well. Of their prior bed, Jim says, “Neither one of us really liked it, and my back was just getting worse and worse—getting out of bed, I just felt like an old man. Then we were at the State Fair and Sleep Number was there, and we said, ‘Okay, let’s get this done!’”

Since then, Jim’s aches have subsided. Recently, he and Emily traveled to Mexico for their anniversary, their first big trip since they got their Sleep Number bed. “We were staying in a nice place,” Jim recalls, “but there were two things that made me want to come home: I missed my kids and I really wanted my bed back. I couldn’t believe it made that much of a difference, but I could barely sleep—I was really looking forward to getting back to my Sleep Number bed.”

And once he returned home to his kids and his bed, sure enough, he was rested and back in action in right away.

Jim’s Sleep Number Setting is 50 and Emily’s is 35.

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