Insanity in your business

“Doing the same things over and over, expecting different results.” This statement has been called the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

I have to admit I was, by this definition, insane. At least until I realized what I was doing was actually not producing positive results in my life. This happened in my personal and professional life and it can happen to you.

When I went into business, the company began to grow and we all stayed busy. While we were growing, we didn’t think much about why, or how. We just accepted it and kept moving. The day came, however, when we could not grow anymore. We began looking for ways to grow and get new business. We threw money at different advertising and marketing medias but nothing worked. Day after day, looking for something that would get us to the next level, but never finding it. The insanity of it all was continually trying to develop advertising that worked. Why? The reason that we were not growing anymore was not because of our advertising, but because we had no systems in our business. The company grew, we added more people to do different things and it seemed that no matter what we did it was ineffective. What we were missing was procedures and processes so everyone could replicate me and my husband had done when we were doing all of the work ourselves. We were still trying to do it and not allowing our team to do it for us. Why? The answer is simple, we had not given the team the ability to make the decisions themselves because we did not have the procedures and processes defined.

I was so focused on making the business a success that I ignored the fact that we had grown and the employees were trying to do their jobs without knowing what had made us successful. When I realized what I was doing and integrated procedures and processes into our business we started to grow again.

Here are the essential elements to removing insanity from your business and finding real success.

1. Identify your mission, purpose and value. In one, well defined, sentence explain why you are in business and how it benefits your client. Teach this to your employees so they can perform their job to execute the mission.

2. Build a business plan for the vision you have of your business. Without a guide, you will get off track and end up on a dead end street. There is nothing worse than to have to back track. Remember a business plan is a living, breathing plan. When your businesses grows, it changes so your plan needs to also change.

3. Document the positions in your company and their responsibilities. The more detail, the easier it is to keep a streamlined business. This will reduce duplicated efforts and increase effectiveness.

4. Detail each process of the business. Pictures of the steps work very well. The more detail you put in, the less time you will spend explaining it. Repeating is non-productive time and that costs you money.

5. Train your people. Effective training is explaining, showing and then letting them show you. Teach them the vision of the company and how what they do is important to the success of everyone.

Zig Ziglar said, “What you get by achieving success is not as important as what you become by achieving success.”

Janna Valencia is a certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer, speaker and coach. She is an author of the book Road to Healing. If you would like learn more, visit her on Facebook at

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