HubSpot Academy Selects Digital Marketing Institute

HubSpot Academy to Provide Training Along with Digital Marketing Institute

By The MTA News DeskNov 08 2018 | 3 Mins Read

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DMI becomes the first professional learning organization to provide coursework to HubSpot Academy, which has more than 500,000 members. Until now, HubSpot Academy has relied only on internally developed content. HubSpot selected DMI for its singular, global certification standard, as well as for its deep domain expertise in digital marketing, thought leadership in online education and training, and its global presence. For a limited time beginning in November, the DMI coursework is available exclusively to HubSpot Academy members.

“As our first-ever collaboration with an educational provider, DMI delivers core expertise in professional digital marketing to transform HubSpot Academy’s offerings and allow our members to acquire a deeper industry knowledge than ever before,” said Mark Kilens, creator of HubSpot Academy, and a member of DMI’s Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC). “Thanks to DMI, all publishers – from bloggers and small business owners to corporate marketing executives – can learn the skills needed to communicate more effectively via social media, using visual design capabilities that advance engagement, open rates and sharing online.”

The collaboration of HubSpot Academy and DMI resulted in a co-branded, online course called Graphic Design Essentials, that is offered in three parts. It covers:

Fundamentals – using colors, images, typography, and composition
Foundations of design – producing exceptional graphics, working with brand guidelines, style guides, and understanding target media

Tools to design graphics for social goals – using Pixlr to apply graphics packages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

“There is a global shortage of professionals with digital marketing skills, and we’re pleased to partner with HubSpot Academy to address this knowledge strain on the global economy,” said Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of Digital Marketing Institute. “Social media publishers don’t necessarily need a degree in graphic design to produce compelling graphics that attract and retain a robust following. Our content supports all skill levels and helps all business types to succeed in quickly and easily making a digital impact.”

DMI’s coursework covers all major aspects of digital marketing and is delivered via an iterative development process for better engagement and retention of instruction. Through these programs and combined with rigorous testing, DMI has set the professional certification standard for marketers worldwide. DMI creates content for all skill levels, whether someone is an early stage or seasoned marketer looking for cutting-edge strategies, or a non-marketing business professional looking to articulate digital capabilities and impact.

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