Huawei Gets Caught with Deceptive Marketing Again

Marketing can be many things. But when it comes to Huawei, it appears it can’t be honest.

A company needs to choose how to market their products. They need to think about their brand, and think about how they want their marketing to be received. The style and feel is very important. For Huawei, they seem to have made a choice, and are sticking with it. And that style would be called “deceptive”.

It was back at the release of the P9 when Huawei shared photo samples from the device showing how great the camera on the P9 was. Except one of the photos was not taken with the P9 at all. It was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera. Huawei’s response at the time was that regardless of the image being shown as an example of the shots taken with the phone, it was merely meant to inspire.

More recently, with the American release of the Mate 10 Pro, Huawei offered to choose people for a beta test program if they wrote reviews on Best Buy’s review page. Yes, that’s right, people could win the phone, by writing a review for a phone they did not have. Now, Huawei did state that they wanted people to tell them “why you WANT to own the Mate 10 Pro”, however they wanted them to do it in a specific retailers review section. That’s not what review sections are for. The fake reviews were removed, and not long after that, the phone was no longer found at Best Buy either

Now, Huawei has been caught once again. Android Police, the same folks who discovered the original Huawei photo snafu have discovered Huawei is at it again. This time, the deception is found in the video below.

This commercial is obviously all about the camera. And is showing off images taken with a selfie mode. We watch as the actors take photos of themselves using the Huawei Nova 3. But there’s a problem, and the problem was exposed by a photo posted to Instagram by the actress in the commercial. While the photo was quickly deleted, this is the internet and things have a tendency of living on. In this case, we see a behind the scenes image of the “selfie shot” and the actor not holding a phone at all. Instead you see how it was actually shot.

At least we can credit Huawei for being consistent in deception.

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