HPU leads in innovative education through state-of-the-art Esports Arena

Sponsored by Hawaii Pacific University

The HPU Esports Arena is ranked within the top 10 in the nation and is also the first in Hawaii. The arena was built to fulfill HPU’s goal of becoming a leader in innovative education. The esports industry is now larger than most entertainment industries combined, showing that it can provide rewarding jobs for working individuals. “HPU sees the need for that pathway from middle school to high school, higher education, and then onto those jobs,” says HPU Esports Manager Jordan Oliver. The arena is a place where both competitive teams and the community can come together.

Esports can help students develop useful skills like communication, performing under pressure, and dealing with complex emotions. It’s exciting, fun, and can take people out of their comfort zone. “Esports isn’t necessarily all that different from traditional sports,” says HPU Esports Assistant Kacie Manabe. Her involvement at the Esports Arena allowed her to explore potential careers with her passion for gaming.

Many believe that esports involves becoming a professional gamer. However, there are other major key positions that allow esports to continue its success. Jobs like marketing, writing, art direction, computational sciences, and analytical sciences all play a critical role in the success of esports. HPU is dedicated to developing the skills needed to allow students to explore career pathways within the industry.

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