HPM Building Supply celebrates 100 years of rich history in Hawaii

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HPM Building Supply was founded in 1921 by Kametaro Fujimoto and Sanzo Kawasaki. A contractor by trade, he left work at the plantations to help establish the town of Shinmachi on the Big Island. Shinmachi had a self-sustaining community that supported one another and encouraged people to start their own businesses regardless of the risks during that time. HPM started as a planing mill that imported timber from the Pacific Northwest and transformed it into construction grade material. Since then, the company has seen much growth thanks to the supportive community and strong determination of the generations before current Owner and CEO Jason Fujimoto.

HPM Building Supply always puts their customers first, helping them to live better and build better. “Our values are pretty simple as an organization: start with heart, were people of character, and have a passion for growth,” says Jason. HPM Building Supply is now 100% employee-owned which Jason believes is a strong foundation in addition to their values.

The Big Island has seen many natural disasters including tsunamis and devastating lava flows. However, resiliency, determination, and strength have allowed the community to endure and rebuild better and stronger than before. HPM is always a part of the rebuilding process by contributing in any way they can. “We all have to take care of each other. I think that’s what makes Hilo and our island unique,” says Jason.

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