How to Use Email Signature Marketing to Support Your Data-driven Marketing Efforts

Data-driven marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy. This article by Helga Zabalkanskaya, Chief Marketing Officer, Newoldstamp, will give you some tips on how to use email signature marketing as an effective, measurable way to support your data-driven marketing efforts

Data-driven marketing has evolved from an innovative approach to becoming an integral, fundamental part of any business strategy. Nowadays data drives the majority of marketing decisions, and if you’re not using data-driven marketing, you’re already behind the curve. For those smart ones who are using it, kudos to you, but you should keep reading to find out how you can employ email signature to support data-driven marketing campaigns.

What is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is a strategy based on the insights gained through analyzing company-generated or market data. These insights are then translated into actionable decisions. With the help of data-driven decision making, you can optimize marketing processes and strategies to cater to changing trends and unique demands of the audiences.

In order to drive marketing efforts, you should rely on the use of information, collected on every aspect of the user’s engagement. No self-respecting marketer can imagine their life without data-driven marketing because of its proven ability to maximize ROI and optimize marketing efforts by improving resource allocation.

Ultimately it empowers brands to deliver a personalized approach to marketing. Based on the information in the ,  personalizing the customer experience is a number one priority for 70% of data-driven marketing strategies.

Benefits of data-driven marketing

When implemented correctly, data-driven marketing offers widespread, versatile benefits. With the right data at hand, brands can learn who exactly engages with their marketing efforts, through which channels and even at what time they’re most active. Knowing and fully understanding the who, when and why can aid brands to laser-focus their marketing efforts through the right mediums at the most effective times, thus personalizing their marketing strategies.

Another way of successfully leveraging data-driven marketing is to influence your decision-making process. It is crucial to plan, test, analyze, and continuously adjust your marketing efforts. The insights derived from analyzing data can prompt you to change your course of action for the better.

Data-driven marketing also allows marketers to enhance their customer experiences. You may create specific customer satisfaction surveys to pinpoint the areas which need some improvement. Or, based on the data you receive, you may notice mistakes at some stage of a campaign, so you can adjust your processes as necessary, and this way optimize the customer experience.

What is email signature marketing?

The study mentioned above also shows that the top data-driven marketing personalization tactic is email message personalization. It’s a well-known fact, that email is the workhorse of digital marketing, being one of the most effective and efficient marketing channels.

But what most company owners fail to recognize, as a great opportunity to promote their business, is email signature marketing. Every time you send emails to someone, your email signature flashes in their inbox. With the help of email signature generators you can smartly design your email signatures to make them interactive and visually-rich. This kind of email signatures are not just fun to look at, compared to woefully inadequate old-school text-only ones, but they will also get you more clicks, traffic and leads.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider email signature as an additional marketing channel, so not using it would mean that this great opportunity would go down the drain. You can check how effective email signature campaigns are by analyzing the received data. Being able to accurately measure their success will influence your future business email marketing efforts. This fits perfectly into the overall data-driven marketing strategy, as you’ll be able to make informed decisions and see the real proof of the fact that email signature marketing actually works.

How using email signature marketing platforms can support data-driven marketing efforts

With the help of data-driven approach you can capture the information about your customer’s behavior, the number of clicks and views. Adding UTM codes to the links in your email signatures enables you to track how your customers react to your marketing campaigns.

You may also add the link to your main social media channels icons. Analyzing the gleaned data will give you the insight into what social media channel is the most successful. Apart from that, you may add a banner, invite demo registrations or other types of CTAs. If you know your customer’s behavior you can make better decisions in the future.

As we have already mentioned, personalization is crucial to email marketing. You can personalize your email signatures by working with CRM software to dynamically change your signature depending on the lead’s status. If the lead is lollygagging or went suddenly cold, you can add some discount offer to your email signature to win them over.

Another way to track your overall progress and measure the performance of your campaigns is by analyzing Google Analytics, count the number of total views, total clicks, and CTR. This will allow you to test the effectiveness of different CTAs, types of content, or even different placements within the signature.

And don’t forget to keep the existing customers happy. A data-driven approach may help you increase customer satisfaction. You can achieve it by providing links to the recent content, upcoming events, conferences, promotions and beta version trials.


Email signatures are not anymore just some dull text-only contact details. You can use them as a measurable tool to glean insights about your customer’s behavior, preferences, and performance of your campaigns. These insights will inform you which course of action to choose and what works best. The final stage would be to implement and invest accordingly, taking into account new data, and adjust your marketing efforts continuously.

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