How to Use Branding For Social Media Marketing for HVAC

We’ve talked recently about maximizing your efforts spent on social media marketing to get HVAC customers calling your business line, as well as the . Given the sheer volume of users and their reliance — dare I say, dependence — on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others, it’s a must to make your presence known in the social space. But there’s a little more to it than simply establishing businesses pages across all the various platforms and leaving them to just exist. If you’re going to take the time to tap into social media marketing for heating and cooling customers (and you should), be sure to incorporate branding for a consistent, enjoyable user experience.

Today we’re going to share some simple tips for making your social media business pages look sleek and professional, inviting followers to stay a while. This will amount to one heck of a referral pool for your HVAC business, one that you can cultivate over the years for lots of repeat business and quality leads!

Tip #1: Get a High-Quality Company Logo

Even if you have no desire for national domination of the HVAC industry, you still need a good logo. Believe it or not, your company logo tells customers a lot about you. A Forbes titled “” goes into detail about all the aspects of your brand logo and what they can potentially communicate to potential customers. Among some of the elements of logo design to consider:

Think About: Colors in Your Logo

Color has a really strong impact on emotion. Verywell Mind about this (known as Color Psychology) that highlights some of the impressions and provocations based on color usage. Here’s a brief recap of a few colors:

Your in general should include a color scheme, which may or may not be totally represented in your logo. For example, you may have a green logo to highlight a company focus on energy-saving (or “green”) heating and cooling practices and products. But your overall color scheme may be green and orange, incorporating shades of tangerine and peach into your website, uniforms, etc. to compliment the green logo.

While We’re on Color, Make It Part Of Your Image Branding for Social Media Marketing

I’ve that social media posts that include faces get significantly more engagement. Since engagement is the name of the game for ads to perform well on Facebook and Instagram, it’s important to take this to heart when it comes to posting pictures. A cohesive color element to your HVAC business’s photos is a great way to represent a beautiful feed that invokes the targeting feelings to attract new customers.

An easy way to accomplish this is to feature photos of your HVAC techs in their uniforms, as they will likely reflect your color scheme and create a consistent visual for your brand. You can also share photos of your fleet, assuming that company vehicles have the logo and are aligned with the company color scheme as well. Some of the most successful Instagram feeds, for example, utilize a consistent filter or color element to brand their images and attract new followers.

Don’t Get Stuck In The Weeds With Social Media Profile Page Branding

Some social media platforms also allow you to edit the color scheme for your business account page, which is a great way to add some additional branding, but don’t obsess over this too much. Most users on a given platform view posts and ads from a feed view, not from an individual page view, so you’ll more often be seen post-by-post. This is all the more reason why having a strong logo, used as your profile photo across all social media sites, is a great way to brand your content amongst all the others. (And putting out , of course!)

Think About: The Font(s) in Your Logo

While traditional fonts like Times New Roman can seem ubiquitous, they can also instill a sense of reliability and maturity. Fonts like Comic Sans, on the other hand, can seem playful or immature. Perhaps the latter is great choice for a daycare, but less so for a home service professional like yourself. Choosing a great logo font is important for your HVAC branding to stand out in the right way.

Think About: Logo Shape

The shape of your logo may be the most iconic aspect of that visual, and it’s important to consider logo usage when choosing a shape. A geometric shape like a square or rectangle may be more bold, conveying strength and reliability, but you’re going to be locked in to a fairly uniform orientation. A circular logo, on the other hand, gives you more design flexibility, yet invokes a feeling of harmony and even softness.

The Time is Now to Lock In A Strong Logo Design

Designing a logo for your HVAC company doesn’t have to stall you from moving forward with your business, but should reflect some thoughtfulness for your overall brand development. If you’re living with a logo you don’t love or that looks outdated, tapping a is a great place to kick off social media marketing for your HVAC business. Logos have a tendency to stick around for up to a year after they’ve been rebranded, so best to start out on the right foot!

Tip #2: Ensure NAP Is Consistent for Social Media Marketing and Branding

Before we dive in here, NAP stands for “name, address, phone,” and is used when referring to the business information that you input when creating or claiming a business page online. You’ll want to make sure that your NAP across the web is consistent, including social media marketing efforts. To ensure that customers have a clear way to find you, you’ll want to max out the contact fields on any given platform so that new customers can reach out however they prefer: email, phone, Twitter, Direct Messages, etc.
Make the most of your HVAC company’s pages by providing the same NAP information on:

….and anywhere else you show up on the web (called “citations”)!

Treating social media pages as secondary websites is a great way to optimize them in a manner consistent with your website, and to keep the focus on proliferating the same information throughout the internet.

Consistent NAP Isn’t Just For Great User Experience…Google Cares, Too

Having consistent name, address, and phone (as well as, website, email address, etc.) across all sites is part of what Google looks at (called a “signal”) for ranking your primary website and any associated business pages (like social media pages). If the information isn’t consistent, Google won’t want to feature you prominently in the SERPs and risk representing a company that isn’t reliable. The goal of search results is to get the best information to the person searching, so search engines want every assurance that you’re legit. Consistent NAP is a vital means of signaling that you are who you say you are, and that your pages are worthy of the top spots.

Tip #3: Use Consistent HVAC Keywords for Social Media Branding

Speaking of search engine optimization, utilizing strong HVAC keywords as part of your overall branding strategy is a must. Knowing which keywords and phrases have the most volume in terms of search engines is going to help your content perform best for organic SEO, and make the most of content marketing efforts.

Because your social media branding should align with your primary HVAC website, it’s important to define a list of the top keywords you are going to employ, and to use those consistently. (I am going to wear out the usage of the word “consistent” over the course of this article to make a point: Google likes consistency, so get on board.) We have compiled a list of the , and recommend using that as a launchpad for your own internal list of focus keywords.

Make The Most Of Company Description and Profile Blurbs Via HVAC Keywords

Every social media account (as well as other citation pages, like Angie’s List and Google My Business) will give you the opportunity to share at least a paragraph (if not a handful of characters, thanks, Twitter) to talk about what you do. Keep those company descriptions focused on user intent (i.e. don’t write like a robot; use correct grammar and write complete sentences), include your keywords, and keep the content evergreen. Some sites, including GMB, explicitly prohibit stuffing keywords or trying to advertise limited time offers in company descriptions.

Branding Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Defining a few key elements at the onset of your social media marketing efforts — such as: color scheme, keyword focus, and NAP info — will allow you to cultivate a cohesive online presence that performs well on Google and meets the needs of new HVAC customers trying to find your company for heating and cooling repairs.

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