How to Overcome 3 Common Event Marketing Challenges

When you’re , you’re going to need more marketing. You have to reach a bigger audience — and connect with them — to be successful. And with only a few teammates to help you out — or none at all — how do you do it?

Overcome these three common challenges to better scale your event marketing.

Event marketing challenge #1: Not enough resources

Marketing budgets are often small. In fact, . So when you’re looking to grow your event, you need to make informed decisions on where to allocate your marketing spend.

Given resource constraints, many event organizers choose to share costs by partnering up with brands and sponsors. These partners can often be cheaper than a full-time hire, freeing up your budget for other uses — like benefits, food and drinks, and insurance.

Here are ways you can collaborate with brands and sponsors with limited resources:

  • Brand partners: When you’re a small team, your budget is tight. Partnering with locally (or nationally) known brands can help you offload some of those costs. For example, these brands can post about your event on their social media and send promotional emails to their audience.

Event marketing challenge #2: Not enough people power

On any given day, you have multiple tasks to complete in an impossibly small window of time.

Worse? You probably don’t have a big team to help out. In a survey of 1,000 event creators, said their teams consist of two to five people. Nearly a third (28%) said they’re flying solo. That means without ruthless prioritization, the smallest inefficiency can set you back.

Lean into these two ways to make the time you spend on marketing more productive.

  • Use the 80/20 rule: This rule suggests that 80% of your output comes from only 20% of your input. In other words, focus on the tasks that create the most impact. When’s the last time you sold a ticket using a Twitter ad? If it’s not worth the effort, cut it.

Event marketing challenge #3: Not enough time

With so much to do, you can’t waste a single minute. There are always sponsors you need to win, contracts you need to review, and volunteers you need to train. And you still need to find time for marketing.

Invest in help that you trust — a team (or even just one person) that you can delegate to and know things will get done successfully.

If you’re looking to alleviate stress, outsource what you can.

  • Put the heavy lifting on your ticketing partner: Choose a ticketing partner that helps you work smarter, not harder. From analytics to an easy checkout, make it easy for attendees to find your event — and click buy.

Don’t miss out on more efficient marketing

Discover how to scale your event with limited resources and prevent small-team burnout in .

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