How Predictive Content Marketing Can Drive B2B Marketing ROI

Predictive content marketing is a game changer that enhances thecustomer experience by identifying the exact content that will make the maximum impact while helping customers throughout their purchase decision journey.

A smart customer is a voracious information-seeker. It is evident from the fact that today’s digital, connected and empowered customers rigorously search through an ocean of digital content to help them take the most relevant (both cost wise and utility wise) and efficient purchase decisions – from cosmetics to educational courses; software to stationary.

Now, while browsing, searching and clicking through numerous online information sources of content, customers create silos of data, which if leveraged with the help of predictive analytics could lead marketers to generate the kind of effective content that would extract precise and exact responses from customers. The simplest meaning of predictive content marketing is the supply of data-driven content to target customers based on their past interactions, preferences, and engagement with digital content.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter

Here’s a brief interpretation of what is predictive analytics, before I start talking about how it can add the extra edge to content marketing and enhance its results exponentially.

Predictive analytics is that branch of advanced analytics that is used to predict or foresee future events. It extracts meaningful insights by analyzing current data with the help of techniques like data mining, modeling, machine learning, statistics and artificial intelligence. It predicts future risks, opportunities and outcomes by analyzing and deciphering intelligence from past patterns, interactions, and correlations in both structured and unstructured data.

Now, when it comes to content marketing, the applications seem obvious! According to a global study, a growing number of marketing firms are agreeing that 97% of their content assets have failed to generate desired results, which means they are doing something terribly wrong with the content, in spite of the many layers of pre-publication testing and tweaking.

Predictive analytics changes the game of content marketing

Now, imagine you serendipitously come across an intriguing piece of content with intelligent insights on just the particular product/solution you are currently researching from multiple online sources! Undoubtedly, you will be enticed to engage with it and surely, it has the potential to reshape your decision-making process.

Predictive analytics does just that. With its various techniques and algorithms, it analyzes the collected data gathered from the repository of content that your customers read and consume from varied sources. It is highly indicative of what your customers are interested in during their purchase decision journey and what benefits or aspects are they seeking out of the product/service. Based on their past consumption patterns and user-content interactions, predictive analytics will envision user behavior and responses on the reading of precisely targeted content and what content will they expect to read in order to further educate themselves (next best content or CTA steps). Content marketing is the leading tactic for B2B marketing, and predictive content intelligence allows B2B marketers to look beyond vanity metrics in order to gather deeper insights on top performing content with the potential to attract high-quality leads, drive larger deals and accelerate the revenue cycle.

Marketers need to figure is how to push the right buttons on the buying journey and using that insight to engage them with just the perfect content to serve their needs at their unique buying stage. Predictive content analytics can help make that happen.

With an increasingly crowded content marketing landscape, marketers that start sensibly using their limited content resources to deliver exponential results. While it sounds very technical, it all comes down to crafting meaningful and relevant stories that customers can relate to wherever they may be on their buying journey.

How Predictive Content Marketing Can Drive B2B Marketing ROI

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