How Digital Marketing Became the New “Traditional Marketing”

Today, nearly every household across the nation has access to some sort of digital media. whether that’s through a smartphone, computer or tablet, less people are taking to newspapers and tv for their news and product needs. The way that marketing reaches an audience is changing, and digital marketing companies are adapting to those changes. When it comes to reaching consumers, digital marketing companies now have to start creating content that can be used online; though traditional marketing may put images of tv and newspaper ads into your head, digital marketing has become the new “traditional” form of advertising.

Technology Has Impacted Marketing

Marketing is a tool designed to amass attention for certain products or services, and in order to get that attention, digital marketing companies have to be prominent in the right places. As technology advances, people tend to dedicate more of their time to these new forms of technology; whether it’s a new phone model or a new tablet, technology has become a huge part of our modern world. This leaves advertising agencies with one choice: connect with that digital audience to produce more results.

People aren’t going out of their way to read the paper anymore, and not everyone has the time to sit and watch tv, so how exactly do people stay in touch with news and media? How do people shop for new products when they’re in a rush and can’t make it to the store? The internet.

There isn’t anything you can’t do on the internet, in fact, you can even do groceries online now thanks to things Walmart curbside pickup and Amazon Pantry. The way people consume media, purchase products and interact with the world has become more digital than ever before, and technological advancements in the near future can make this even more possible.

Job Titles are Transforming

Digital marketing companies today are also changing the way consumers view their employees. It’s rare you’ll find a marketing company with someone with a job title such as “printing manager,” even if that’s what their job consists of. Companies want to appeal to this new wave of consumers, so you’ll often find that traditional titles have been changed to things such as “content strategist”, “social media manager,” or even “community manager.”

People want to know that their advertising needs are in the hands of media geniuses and these new steezy titles help digital marketing companies lure in potential employees and clients.

Traditional Teaching Methods are Being Phased Out

When It comes to preparing the next generation of marketing specialists, schools and universities around the nation are adapting to the new “traditional” marketing. Many schools offer certificates and degrees in digital advertising programs to meet the rising demand of jobs in the digital advertising field.

Traditional marketing today means something completely different than it might have meant a few decades ago. Digital marketing companies today have become the new form of traditional marketing, changing the way consumers interact with the world.

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