HI Now host Kanoe Gibson shares junk journaling tips

It’s no secret that everyone spent a lot of time at home over the last year, and it gave many a chance to get creative and do things they normally wouldn’t have had the time to do! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson loves to journal, and she took this time to do more of what she loves: junk journaling! She’s sharing some tips to help you get your own craft project started.

If you also like journaling or scrapbooking, starting a junk journal is right up your alley! It’s a fun, crafty way to upcycle while also putting all your keepsakes together in a book you made with your own two hands.

“Junk journaling is basically taking the things people would normally throw away and making them into a journal!” Gibson explains. Today, she’s showcasing a creation she put together using a typical piece of junk mail. The process really is all about turning trash into treasure.

Inside the junk mail, she created pockets, pull outs, and other adornments to journal on as well as hide little keepsakes like photos and notes.

“It’s a fun way to keep some memories inside your journal and not feel bad about it — not waste paper,” she adds.

To make her first junk journal, Gibson used a Manila folder and covered it with some fabric to make the cover. Then she added pages from old books, bags, and even tissue paper to make up the pages. You really can use anything you have around the house!

“Anything can be made into a journal,” she says while flipping through one. “This was actually tissue paper from a segment we did at Aloha Confectionery — so I keep everything! And I just think, you know what, if I lose my mind one day, my kids can show this to me.”

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