Hear your toilet running? Try these DIY toilet repairs from City Mill

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2020 found many of us spending more time at home and embarking on some home repair projects that may have been long overdue! One problem you may run into this year? A toilet that’s constantly running! All of us at some point have heard the sound, and while sometimes a simple jiggle of the toilet handle solves the problem, there can also be other issues that arise. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson is with City Mill’s Ross Inouye to learn some simple do it yourself fixes.

When you hear the water running, Inouye says you need to first figure out what’s leaking.

“If you’re a jiggler to stop the water, we’re gonna stop that,” he says while moving the toilet handle. “The easiest way is to come into City Mill, get these free color detector tablets, pop it in, and if you see any colored-water coming into your bowl then it’s more than likely your flapper that needs replacing.”

However, Inouye says if you see clear water flowing into the toilet bowl, then you most likely need to replace your fill valve.

If it’s your flapper that you need to replace, removing it is easy! First, turn off your valve to shut off the water. Then, flush your toilet. That’s when you can reach in, remove it, and figure out which one you’ll need to buy at City Mill as a replacement.

City Mill carries a wide variety of products to help with all your household needs! From jobs big to small, you can do them all. So if you’re looking to start some new home repair projects this year, or fix a running toilet of your own, head down to City Mill to pick up any of these products or order online at

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