Health Department Shuts Down Kahului Restaurant for “Imminent Health Hazard”

The Hawai‘i Department of Health temporarily shut down Pizza in Paradise in Kahului, Maui, calling the conditions an “imminent health hazard.”

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Customer rubbish. PC: Hawaiʻi Department of Health.

The food service outlet, operated by Pacific Restaurant Management, LLC, received a red placard on Thursday, May 20, and must remain closed until all of the violations are resolved and the health department approves resuming operations after a follow-up inspection.

Maui Now attempted to call Pacific Restaurant Management and Pizza in Paradise, but phone calls went unanswered on Monday.

During a routine inspection last week, the health department noted the severity of the violations and immediately issued a red placard to the restaurant. According to the DOH, the inspection report pointed out the facility “has a long history of clutter and other violations.”

Maggots and pupae. PC: Hawaiʻi Department of Health.

In the most recent routine inspection, multiple foodborne illness risk factors were observed, according to the DOH. The department outlined the following alleged conditions:

  • A large pot containing old food on the kitchen floor contained live, moving maggots;
  • Roaches were observed in several areas of the kitchen, indicating a healthy breeding population;
  • Plates of food left in the former dining area have not been discarded and these are covered with small flies of unknown type, possibly fruit flies;
  • The facility is completely filled with items such as boxes and old equipment;
  • Hand sink, counter tops and food prep areas used to store food items did not appear to not have been cleaned in a long time;
  • Vegetables that appear to be rotten on outer surfaces were stored with other vegetables and it was unclear whether they were discarded or used in food preparation;
  • Raw beef, pork and poultry are completely packed in the two-door chill and are not arranged to prevent cross-contamination;
  • Foods are not refrigerated and stored at proper temperatures; and
  • Many items such as opened canned goods and bottled goods are on counters with mold growth.

Among the actions the health department is requiring the restaurant to take before reopening are:

  • All insects must be completely placed under control by a professional pest service provider;
  • All customer discarded plates and food remains must be properly discarded; and
  • All items contributing to the piles of debris in the restaurant must be removed to avoid an unhealthy food environment.

Pizza in Paradise is located at 60 Wākea Avenue, Suite 101, in Kahului, Maui.

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