Hawaiian Springs bottles water right from the source on Hawaii Island

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“The water’s not touched by anything else until it hits the bottle,” said Hawaiian Springs Plant Manager Ken Tokuda. “It goes straight from our aquifer into our plant, into the bottle.

Hawaiian Springs’ water is special because of its location. Because the plant is located on the east side of Hawaii Island in between two mountains, it can better capture the moisture in the air and gather water supplied by the heavy rainfall.

“When we have rainfall, our watershed captures that and that’s where the groundwater happens,” said QA/QC Manager Leilani Abaya. “Our well is tapped into an unconfined aquifer–– we do not take out anything and we do not put anything in, so all the natural minerals and nutrients that we have are naturally present in our water.”

Hawaiian Springs also does its best to look out for the āina and its people. Its plant is partially powered by solar panels, and its processes take less than 5% of the water from the Mauna Loa aquifer.

“Our focus is on giving back to the community right now, and hopefully very soon we’re going to be launching a sports youth program where we’ll provide scholarships for our young and upcoming athletes,” said Abaya.

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