Hawaii Surrogacy provides health and wellness tips to boost fertility

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If you’re considering growing your family this year, know that nutrition can have a big impact on your fertility, so now’s your chance to start the year right with some healthy changes! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Health Coach September Burton from Hawaii Surrogacy to get some wellness tips.

Burton says that cultures throughout history have had fertility diets that couples were put on before marriage and through breastfeeding. These foods were highly brain nourishing.

“What mom eats, baby eats. Build a solid foundation,” she says. “I had four back-to-back miscarriages and am now a mom of seven because I changed my nutrition.”

Burton says nutrition can improve everything from egg and sperm quality to hormone balance and even uterine lining. It’s something important to consider for natural pregnancy and any ART pregnancy outcomes, including surrogacy.

Burton has these three tips for those looking to make healthy changes this year:

1) Keeping a food journal can be incredibly eye opening and helpful.
2) Go easy on yourself. Self-judgement and criticism are never helpful in reaching your goals.
3) Food choices are based in emotion. People are as attached to beliefs about food as they are their religious and political beliefs. Understanding that can help you see why changing food habits is so difficult. Small and simple shifts equal huge results over time.

“Our agency realized that additional support was needed in this area for intended parents going through IVF to create embryos for use in a surrogate, but also for the surrogates themselves,” Burton explains. “People were asking a lot of questions and Googling up tips and suggestions. We wanted to provide sound, evidence-based advice on how nutrition can help provide a strong, healthy start to the journey.”

For intended parents, maybe they want to optimize their health and have as much nutritional support to improve their IVF outcome, or maybe they want to get healthy before baby arrives. For surrogates, they want to be in the best shape before their embryo transfer to maximize their chances of success. Hawaii Surrogacy also works with postpartum surrogates who want to accelerate their recovery after having baby.

“We provide meal plans, weekly shopping lists, how to make healthy substitutions if you eat out, and one-on-one support from me,” Burton adds. “There’s no additional cost – this is something that we provide to everyone in our surrogacy program.”

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