Hawaii Surrogacy family shares experience and advice on surrogacy

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Ashley thought about becoming a surrogate in her early 20s for a family member. At the time, it wasn’t very popular and the family went a different route. When she and her husband kirk moved out to Hawaii, Ashley saw an ad for Hawaii Surrogacy and became a surrogate shortly after. “To me it wasn’t really a big surprise because Ashley’s always been a selfless person and always wants to try help out other people. So as soon as she brought it up, I was onboard immediately,” says Kirk.

Becoming a surrogate is no easy task and should be thought through heavily before committing. Ashley says there’s a lot of medication, shots, and doctor appointments that can affect daily life. You also have to consider who your support staff will be during the pregnancy. Kirk says the most crucial part as a surrogate husband is to be patient and plan for the end.

“At Hawaii Surrogacy, my coordinator and Andrea the director are fantastic! They were super supportive, you can get a hold of them anytime,” says Ashley. Her whole experience was great and is currently in the process of doing another one this year. For more information, please visit

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