Hawai‘i State Hospital Reports Four Positive COVID-19 Cases

The Hawai‘i State Hospital in Kane‘ohe reports that one patient and three staff members within the hospital’s admissions unit have tested positive for COVID-19.

After the first staff member tested positive last week, the hospital activated its standard protocol to test all of its staff and patients within the hospital’s admissions unit. As a result of the protocol, two other staff members were identified as positive. The three staff members are now in isolation and not working at the hospital.

The hospital continued to test staff and patients over the next several days and, as a standard precaution, issued an alert to all employees in the hospital. The latest round of testing for those in the admissions unit occurred on Sept. 23 and one patient tested positive. The hospital is equipped with isolation capabilities for this patient.

A total of 68 staff and 22 patients in the admissions unit have been tested and there are no other positive cases to date.

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