Hawai‘i Passenger Arrivals By Air Top 1500 on Monday

On Monday, June 1, 1,538 people arrived in Hawaiʻi, according to new data released by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority and compiled by data collected by the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation’s new Mandatory Travel Declaration Form.

This included 462 visitors and 440 returning residents.  Here on Maui, a total of 97 individuals arrived on two trans-Pacific flights–including 41 visitors, 34 returning residents 11 individuals panning to relocate to Maui, three individuals in transit and eight crew members.

On Sunday, passenger arrivals into Hawaiʻi climbed to more than 1,469 individuals on Sunday.  That included 391 visitors and 476 returning residents.  On Maui on Sunday, a total of 51 individuals arrived on a single trans-Pacific flight, carrying 23 visitors, 20 returning residents, two individuals relocating to Maui and six crew members.

The 14-day quarantine on out-of-state travel remains in effect through June 30, but is expected to be extended beyond that point according to prior discussion with the governor.  An announcement regarding the quarantine for out-of-state arrivals is expected next week.

The numbers do not include interisland travel.  The interisland travel quarantine will be lifted on June 16.

During this same time last year, nearly 30,000 passengers arrived in Hawaiʻi daily, including residents and visitors.

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