Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency Launches Website Providing PPE To Qualifying Organizations

The Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency launched a website on Wednesday for qualifying organizations to receive free personal protective equipment. The website enhances HI-EMA’s ability to support the Hawaiʻi community as COVID-19 cases continue to surge.

The HI-EMA website is open to independent medical and dental practices, small groups, small hospitals, small businesses and nonprofits to obtain free PPE.

The website address is .

There are 12 items available and there is a prioritization list of which organizations have access to which supplies and how many. While it takes 2-3 months to receive bulk orders, each organization will be sent supplies that are already on island while they wait for what they ordered.

“This website will enhance HI-EMA’s ability to provide more help to the community as COVID-19 case counts continue to rise and hospitals struggle to avoid surge capacity,” said HI-EMA Administrator Luke Meyers. “From an emergency management perspective, we are rising to the challenge of supporting our medical facilities, small businesses and nonprofits with the essential protective equipment they need to stay safe during these unprecedented times.”

Each participating organization is asked to register, attest to qualification requirements, provide Hawaiʻi-specific license numbers and the size of their staff and customers. Once they are confirmed to be a Hawaiʻi organization that qualifies, they will be provided access to the ordering website.

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