Hawaiʻi State Judiciary mailing 2023 juror questionnaires in August

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The annual Hawaiʻi State Judiciary juror questionnaires will be mailed Aug. 1 to individuals who have a Hawaiʻi state driver’s license or are registered to vote in Hawaiʻi.

Approximately 245,000 juror questionnaires will be mailed to 85,000 residents on Oʻahu, 60,000 in Maui County, 75,000 on Hawaiʻi Island and 25,000 on Kʻauai. They are used to help select potential jurors who may be eligible to serve in 2023. Individuals are selected at random.

Anyone receiving a questionnaire has 10 days to complete and return it to the Jury Pool Office in the envelope provided. Those who fail to respond may be penalized.

To be eligible to serve as a juror, you must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Hawaiʻi and able to read and understand English.

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