Hardest Jobs In Sports –

– The Buffalo Bills have some of the rowdiest fans in football. Before every game they hang out in the New Era Field parking lot to drink, fight and behave like general lunatics. (sighs) – And I’m the parking lot attendant. Watching the Bills’ parking lot sucks. They haven’t been to the playoffs in 17 years so what are their fans gonna do? Go inside and watch football? No, they stand out in the parking lot and play a game called let’s drink until we think Tyrod Taylor is Jim Kelly. It gets nuts. I’ve seen one guy dive through a table, I saw another guy body slam a man through a table.

I saw one guy set himself on fire and jump through a table. These guys get hurt. I feel bad for them. I feel worse for the tables. I try to tell them to settle down but what am I gonna do? I’m one man. There’s hundreds of them. It’s like telling a pack of wolves to step away from the deer carcass and go eat a salad. At the end of my first day the parking lot was a disaster. I assumed I’d be fired but my boss told me I did a great job and gave me my check. Every game is a choice for Buffalo fans.

You wanna go inside and watch us play the Jets or do you wanna play dizzy bat until someone pukes? It’s always dizzy bat. After every game I’m part of the clean up crew. You won’t believe the stuff I find. Old Doritos bags, discarded sweat pants thousands of beer cans. One time I found half of a wig. Here’s a wiffle ball bat with the top cut off filled with peanut butter.

I don’t know, you tell me. Here’s a jersey I found. They told me it has four separate bodily fluids on it. In Buffalo, that’s what we call a bingo. Are Patriots fans just as bad? Of course. But it’s a whole lot easier to get carted off drunk to jail when you’re celebrating a win. I tell people don’t worry, this will all calm down once the football inside of the stadium is as exciting as what’s going on out in the parking lot.

So probably in the next 10 years, 20 max. I was going to approach Rex Ryan about the problem but then I decided not to. He was too busy wrestling someone on the hood of an Acura. .

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