Growlabs Introduces Omni-Channel Marketing and Sales for B2B businesses

Growlabs, a San-Francisco-based startup, is today announcing the first-ever omnichannel marketing and sales automation platform for B2B businesses.

Omni-channel marketing has become one of the most powerful strategies for businesses to engage customers. It allows companies to create a more personalized and seamless experience through the many channels and devices their customers are using. Until now, it has been thought of as a strategy solely for retailers and B2C businesses. 

Growlabs works with B2B companies to help them identify and engage new prospects. The company has a proprietary database of 340 million prospects that clients can filter to find people matching their ideal customer profiles. Leads can then be engaged through 1-to-1 personalized campaigns, using Machine Learning and AI to qualify them.

“Omni-channel marketing has been a valuable B2C strategy for retail businesses for years now, but the idea of serving personalized, multi-channel touch points to a prospect or account has yet to be utilized by B2B companies in a sophisticated way. We’re changing that,” said Ben Raffi, CEO of Growlabs.

After realizing the effectiveness and popularity of omnichannel marketing for retail, Growlabs was inspired to apply similar methodologies for B2B sales.

The B2B omnichannel approach enables businesses to align sales and marketing efforts in a more impactful way than ever before. By automatically nurturing prospects and accounts across various channels in a strategic cadence (including re-targeting ads, 1:1 sales emails, phone calls, social, and direct mail), businesses are able to become more memorable and stay front-of-mind throughout the decision-making cycle.

After months of learning from existing customer workflows, Growlabs now uses their AI technology to enable multiple sales and marketing channels to work together simultaneously.  For example, when a business adds a new lead in Growlabs, the system can automatically target that lead with display and social ads before they receive any direct communication from the sales team. This helps familiarize prospects with a company’s business and prepares them to be more receptive to speaking with sales representatives.  

Since launching publicly in May 2017, Growlabs has helped over 350 B2B companies scale with its lead generation database and automation software. Within eight months of operations, the company reached profitability and is now generating over $3M in annual recurring revenue. Clients include companies like Cisco, Wag, FundingCircle, NatureBox, and Upwork.

“When searching for leads one by one, it can take hours to build a decent sales pipeline. Removing that tedious task with our searchable database, in conjunction with our multi-channel sales automation and machine learning, we’ve managed to make hundreds of sales teams significantly more efficient,” said Raffi.

Growlabs Introduces Omni-Channel Marketing and Sales for B2B businesses

By The MTA News DeskSep 26 2018 | 3 Mins Read

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