Grow Your Business by Doing Less

Sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it?

I mean, how can you grow your business by actually doing less?

Today, I’m going to share 3 tips to get you doing less of the things you hate and more of the things you love.

Something I’ve learned about people that are viewed as successful, is that they accomplish an astounding number of things.

And the more successful they become, the longer that list gets.

  • They run businesses (often more than one).
  • They travel – for both business and pleasure.
  • They have hobbies that take time and mastery.
  • They have families that they spend a lot of time with.
  • They are involved in charities.
  • They produce content.
  • They do interviews.
  • They speak at events.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins is a great example.

He runs 18 businesses and is heavily involved in a dozen of them.

He’s on stage speaking approximately every four days.

He visits numerous countries every year.

Has a podcast.

Has works with many one-on-one coaching clients.

And he still finds time to spend with his family, work out and meditate…

You get the idea.

Many people have trouble running one business (let alone a dozen), feel burned out and are worried that taking on more would literally kill them.

That is likely true in many cases.

There is a reason drugs (including coffee) and alcohol are commonly abused in the business world.

Until we change our mindset, we are running round and round on the hamster wheel, stuck in the rat race.

So, what’s the solution?

Learning to do less is a great place to start.

Tip #1 – Say NO more often

Instead of saying YES to everything, start practicing saying NO.

Say NO to the requests, the phone calls and events that aren’t directly moving you closer to your goals and dreams.

Don’t let every opportunity distract you from your priority.

Deep down, you know what’s a distraction and what’s not. And if you aren’t quite sure, say NO.

See how good that feels?

Tip # 2 – Learn to DELEGATE

Successful people are excellent at delegating.

The daily tasks that seem to chew up all of your time (and the ones that you’ve secretly been using as excuses) can be passed on.

This is where hiring a virtual assistant comes in.

The repetitive daily tasks that take you away from what make your heart sing (or at least brings you joy) can be outsourced.

Giving up what seems like control may feel painful at first…

But, you’ll soon realize the freedom it offers.

Many people report a renewed energy and sense of enthusiasm, no longer bogged down by energy sucking tasks (that others may actually enjoy doing).

No more:

  • Answering the phone
  • Responding to numerous emails
  • Lead Management
  • Organizing business trips
  • Updating your website
  • Email and calendar management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Event scheduling
  • Research
  • Reports

These are some of the tasks that we can help take off your plate so that you can stop working IN your business and work ON your business.

for full details on what our Virtual Assistance can help you with.

Tip #3 – MEDITATE daily

But! I don’t have time to meditate!

Is that what is screaming in your head right now?


If you go online and look up today’s greats, I guarantee that they meditate in some form.

Brendon Burchard.
Denzel Washington.
Brené Brown.
Lewis Howes.

Quieting your mind creates space for the important things.

Otherwise, it’s a zoo up there and the loudest is going to get the most of your attention.

The loudest is often the least important.

We live in a very overwhelming and distracting world.

Everything and everyone is campaigning for your attention.

Meditating for even 15 minutes per day will have astounding results.

These 3 tips take very little time and effort to implement.

With success and freedom as rewards, what have you got to lose?

>> Comment below and share your experience with the 3 tips and how they’re impacting your life and business.

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