Grand Wailea Feeds Maui and Protects Its Oceans

Sponsored by Kama’āina Economic Recovery

Grand Wailea’s emphasis on sustainability stems from educating both its chefs and its guests about fishing and aquatic ecology. The chefs look closely at what fish are in season in order to prevent overfishing. They also work closely with sustainability organizations so that they can ethically source their fish while serving the best possible dish to diners. In addition, most of its food is grown by local farmers on Maui, reducing the restaurant’s carbon footprint and making the freshest dishes.

One of these sustainability organizations is Tropic Fish Maui, a fresh and frozen fish distributor for Hawaii’s major islands. Tropic Fish sources from local fishermen, supporting the Hawaiian economy while keeping healthy populations of fish in the water.

“Fishing sustainability for us is following the correct methods of catching or longline so younger generations can enjoy the quality of seafood that Hawaii has to offer,” said Austin Fiero, general manager of Tropic Fish Maui.

Because of the pandemic, Grand Wailea has increased its focu on sustainability and its partnership with Tropic Fish as a way to keep the environment and the local economy healthy. Now that tourism has returned to the islands, demand for seafood is high, so it is even more crucial to focus on sustainability.

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