Gov. Ige Says Education Cuts Reduced to 2.5%

Governor David Ige says cuts to the Department of Education budget will be reduced due to federal funds and more optimistic projections by the Council on Revenues.

Instead of a 10 percent cut to the DOE budget, he said target reductions for the DOE have been reset to 2.5 percent.

He released the following statement:

“Due to the pandemic and subsequent reduction in revenues, we anticipated that the Department of Education, which is the largest general funded department, would have to take a 10 percent cut to its budget. However, with additional federal funds and more optimistic revenue projections by the Council on Revenues, we are able to reset the department’s target reductions to 2.5 percent. This represents about $123 million dollars that we can now restore to our public-school classrooms so our students can be set on the path to prosperity and success.”

Gov. David Ige

Under the previous proposal based on a 10 percent reduction, it was projected that more than 100 teachers in Maui County could have lost their jobs.

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