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Google claims that over 73% of all online activity is associated with local searches. When a prospective patient is searching for dental practices in their neighborhood, the first thing they may do is to check Google My Business listings. If they don’t see your business listing, or if it’s incomplete or inaccurate, your chances of getting that person as a new patient are considerably reduced.

So, how do you improve or optimize Google My Business listing? Here are six tips to help you better your chances of getting new patients from your business listing.

Google My Business Optimization Tips

Focus on the basics

First, you need to ensure that your practice’s listing is accurate. Your practice’s name, address, and number need to be accurately listed on your Google My Business Listing page. Also, ensure that your business category is correct and that your business hours are accurate. Any discrepancy in these key details could hurt your ability to find new patients for your dental practice.

Verify your listing

You’ve to verify your address on the Google My Business Listing before it starts appearing on Google maps and search. All you have to do is to log into your Google My Business and request verification. Once you’ve done this, Google will send a postcard by mail to the address that you’ve listed. This postcard has a unique verification code, which you use to verify your business address.

Insert pictures and virtual tour

Apart from getting information about your practice’s address and phone numbers, prospective patients also use your Google My Business listing to become comfortable with your practice. It is hence important to upload a few pictures of your practice. Additionally, you can even add a virtual tour for your prospective patients as well.

Go beyond Google My Business

Adding details about your business on your Google business listing is just one step. On top of this, you must make sure that you’re updating the same information on other business listing websites too. By doing this you can expect better visibility on search and can expose your services to a bigger audience. Basis the industry your business serves, you could consider listing your business on websites such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Angie’s List, HealthGrades, Zillow, Avvo, etc.

Reviews take you a long way

A decent star rating and positive reviews go a long way in encouraging your potential patients to choose you. While some patients might just rate your practice, others might use the platform to share their feedback. Answering this feedback will help you get the attention of potential patients as they’ll start believing that you take patient feedback seriously and are open to making changes to offer a better experience.

Make it actionable

Google has recently made changes to My Business listing to make it more engaging. The changes have made it easier for your potential patients to act directly from the listing. You can now add URLs to your listing to facilitate online booking from your potential patients. To enable this, you have to sign into Google My Business, choose the listing that you want to edit, click the URLs section and enter online booking URLs in the appropriate field. This way, your prospective patients can easily book an appointment with you, rather than manually navigating through other pages or calling you for the same.

Your prospective patients are searching the internet for dental practices in their neighborhood, and an optimized listing on Google My Business can help drive them to your practice. Try BirdEye’s powerful that helps you to easily take control of your dental practice’s listing on more than 50 websites.

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