Glamorise Plus Size Sports Bra Offers Adjustable Support

All the active large chested-ladies will rejoice when they try this adjustable plus size sports bra from Glamorise Sport! I have always had trouble finding supportive sports bras for my large chest – particularly one that can hold up under high-impact activities like running. If you know me or follow along on my adventures, you know that I’m a runner and avid hiker, and I like some yoga and HIIT from time to time (See my last post about the BodyBoss HIIT Workout). But my bust has changed size over the years and my old sports bras are worn out – so it was definitely time for a change! I have tried a Glamorise Sports Bra before, so when they approached me about reviewing the new style, I was thrilled!

Please note: This bra was sent to me courtesy of Glamorise for an honest review, and this post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Plus Size Girl in Workout Clothes, Style Plus Curves

What You Need To Know About Plus Size Sports Bras

First and foremost – Do NOT order your regular bra size. Sports bras are sized differently, and it’s extremely important that you order the right size. Before you order, try the Glamorise Sport Bra Size Calculator and take two measurements. First – your band size is NOT under your boobs. To take this measurement, put the measuring tape around your back, under your armpits and above your boobs. THEN measure your bust size – which should be around the fullest part of your breasts. Put those two numbers in the calculator, and it will tell you what size to order. I’m normally a 42DD in bras – and my Glamorise Sports Bra size is 46F!

Glamorise Plus Size Bra Calculator

About This Plus Size Sports Bra

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what I ordered. I went with the ELITE PERFORMANCE DOUBLE LAYER CUSTOM CONTROL SPORT BRA in size 46F, in black. I chose the adjustable bra because I like variety in my workouts. I do both Yoga and running – and I need ALOT more support when I run. The cool adjustable feature allows me to keep the sports bra loose when I’m doing low impact sports, and move it up a few notches when I’m doing something more intense.

This sports bra is actually two bras in one: An inner bra with hidden underwire for the highest level of support & bust definition and an outer panel that allows you to adjust bounce control according to activity level.

I put it on the second level for my run, and now I’m ready to go!

I felt completely supported during my run. No uncomfortable bouncing and no pain or scraping from the underwire. I like that the front of the bra comes up high to prevent the up-and-down bouncing, as well as the side-to-side. The band fit comfortably under my boobs and did not chafe.

The back of the bra also stayed in place and didn’t ride up during the run. WIN! I felt great after my run, and ready to hit the shower!

If you’re large chested like me and have trouble finding comfortable AND supportive plus size sports bras, I would absolutely recommend that you try Glamorise Sport. They’ve been around since 1921 and actually invented the first sports bra in 1975?!

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