GDPR Marketing – Winning Over the Data Fundamentalist

We’ve seen how the rise of the data fundamentalism may be a serious challenge to the future success of your direct marketing campaigns. So, how do you convert concerned consumers into advocates for your brand?

Firstly, let’s reacquaint ourselves with the concept of the data fundamentalist. Previous quantitative research by fastmap showed the rise of ‘data fundamentalism’ – concern by consumers that they’ve lost control over their data, that businesses mishandle their data and that the law fails to provide reasonable protection.

Between February and December 2017, fastmap undertook a large-scale quantitative research program looking at consumer attitudes towards data privacy; over that period the proportion of consumers who could be classified as data fundamentalists grew to 26%.

So, over a 1/4 of your customer base don’t trust you with their data.

Worrying. But the picture gets even more disturbing for marketeers trying to get new customers to opt-in to receive marketing communications. fastmap undertook further quantitative research with a representative panel of UK consumers, testing a number of competing permission statements – looking at the results makes for alarming reading.
Table 1 shows that there is a difference in average consent rates of over 40 percentage points between ‘Unconcerned’ and ‘Pragmatic’ consumers and their data fundamentalist counterparts. The ‘Unconcerned’ consumers are defined as those who are NOT concerned that they have lost control of their data, think businesses handle their data well and that the laws DO provide reasonable protection. The ‘Pragmatists’ are everyone in between who don’t fall into the definition of data fundamentalists or ‘Unconcerned’.

Data fundamentalists exhibited average consent rates of 35%; whereas, ‘Pragmatists’ and ‘Unconcerned’ exhibited 60% and 75% respectively. Clearly, talking to this audience in the wrong way could have seriously damaging effects on your continued ability to deliver marketing communications to customers.

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