Fox Sports Bets On ‘Lock It In’, Sports-Gambling Show With “Cousin Sal” Iacono

As the country’s legalized sports-gambling wave washes across the media landscape, Fox Sports is getting in on the action with linear TV’s first show dedicated to sports betting. Lock It In, whose regulars will include “Cousin Sal” Iacono of Jimmy Kimmel Live, premieres September 10.

The daily hourlong series on FS1 will be hosted by Fox Sports’ Rachel Bonnetta and also features radio host/blogger Clay Travis and oddsmaker Todd Fuhrman. Here’s the logline: Lock It In aims to make the avid sports fan smarter and more informed about the world of sports betting. The weekday show stars an eclectic cast of entertaining, sports-obsessed minds that want to make watching that night’s games as entertaining as possible. While fans tune in to see what the experts are saying – and who they are putting their hypothetical money on – they will also get smarter about the biggest sports stories of the day.

Fox Sports

It’s a return to Fox Sports for Emmy winner Iacono, whose first TV writing gig was on its sports-themed game show Sports Geniuses in 2000 and has worked on Fox NFL Sunday. He has been a writer on the ABC late-night show for 15 years and recurs on camera in sketches as Cousin Sal. Iacono also hosts the weekly podcast Against All Odds.

“The thing I love most about Lock It In is just how much fun it will be to watch,” said Charlie Dixon, EVP Content at FS1. “All four cast members have such big personalities, and what sets the show apart is their shared love of sports, humor and competitiveness. In the end, the show is not only about being right, it’s about being interesting.”

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