Four Startups with impressive content marketing approaches

One of the most important trends in recent years has been the way that startup companies have embraced content marketing. And not just in traditional ways of producing blog posts, starting channels and posting explainer videos, some have taken more subtle approaches too. Take Airbnb a company that admittedly no one has called a startup in a while. It took the content strategy it patented in its early days and has developed it so now the company produces as well as a glossy print magazine.

For most startups, content is the quickest and most effective way of building an audience, and hopefully a business, from scratch. Blog posts give the company thought leadership to share on social media, while at the same time pushing them up a notch or two on search engine rankings.

A smartly thought out, forensically executed strategy can go a long way in helping establish a web presence which is essential for brand awareness and ultimately generating new business.

Here then are four startup companies that have impressive and impactful approaches to content generation.

This high profile London based startup is often referred to as the anti- Amazon. That’s because it helps bricks and mortar, invariably prestige, independent, high-end retailers, sell their product online. Trouva handles all the back-end stuff, leaving the retailers to focus on their core business.

In keeping with its premium status the content the company distributes is of really high quality. with over 50,000 followers charmed by the beautiful items it sells. It also has some , which sometimes are really just very smart versions of product listicles designed to sell items. It complements this with regular mini online magazines which recently have included a series of articles about Berlin and a look at staycationing.

One market sector where a huge amount of high quality content is being produced is in fintech. Startups, invariably armed with significant war chests, are providing superb editorial and video as they bid to establish themselves at the forefront of the potentially highly lucrative financial services industry. In the b2c space the company that pioneered online financial branded content, and still arguably does it better than everyone else, is the US company Mint. that you might see in money advice sites but cleverly weaves in references to its money management app. It is a masterclass in providing high quality content that engages readers yet subtly, gets key messages across.

One of the most high profile London fintech companies Revolut offers a contemporary take on banking using prepaid cards, peer to peer payments and even cryptocurrencies. Getting that sometimes rather complex message across to consumer and business customers isn’t always easy. Also, Revolut needs to continually try to persuade people to think about using financial services from a startup rather than a bank that has been established for decades. Its cunning trick is the Revacademy – a section on its which carefully and continually deals with the big questions consumers are most likely ask. Questions about cybersecurity, AI or cryptocurrencies are answered thoughtfully and succinctly. It is also a handy source of information about the state of the UK fintech scene too and boasts plenty of smart, informative content for its business users.

US based Wochit is a video solution startup that’s aimed at both media and brands. It has developed online software that helps companies easily and quickly create compelling video content. It really is a breeze to use and is Ideal for delivering short form social media-friendly videos. The site boasts a bank of images, which when stitched together with the brand/media’s own text and images, can be turned into excellent quality video snippets.

The company walks it like they talk too which ranges from tips on making the most of the platform through to the latest updates from the social media platforms. The content has a very clear funnel too invariably driving readers through to premium content like extended guides.

Ashley Norris, CMA Editorial Consultant

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