Five Women Nominated to Judicial Positions in Hawai‘i Courts

(R to L) Clarissa Y. Malinao; Kirstin M. Hamman; Shanlyn A. S. Park; and Wendy M. DeWeese. *Not pictured: Kimberly B.M. Taniyama.

Leaders of the Senate Women’s Caucus are applauding the nomination of four women to Circuit Court vacancies and a fifth to a judicial position in the District Court.

Senate Vice President Michelle Kidani and Senator Rosalyn Baker of Maui, co-conveners of the Senate Women’s Caucus, said:

“For the first time in recent memory, nearly all the individuals being considered by the Senate to fill judicial vacancies are women. We applaud the Governor for recognizing the need for gender diversification in the courts and look forward to reviewing their qualifications during this week’s convening.”

The five women being considered to fill these vacancies are:

  • Clarissa Y. Malinao and Shanlyn A.S. Park to the First Circuit Court – Oʻahu
  • Kirstin M. Hamman to the Second Circuit Court – Maui
  • Wendy M. DeWeese to the Third Circuit Court – Hawaiʻi Island.

In addition, Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald appointed Kimberly B.M. Taniyama to fill a judicial position in the District Court of the Third Circuit – Hawaiʻi Island.

The process will begin with a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, chaired by Senator Karl Rhoads on Wednesday, Oct. 27 at 9 a.m. 

The Senate will convene in a floor session on Thursday, October 28 at 10 a.m. This will be followed by a separate decision-making meeting of the Judiciary Committee at 10:30 a.m.  

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