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I can almost guarantee you know more people on social media than not. 

That is powerful. Especially when it comes to having an online yoga business.

Social media marketing is an integral tool for yoga teachers. But how do you find the right balance of content in your social media marketing?

There are many types of content you can share as a yoga teacher or the owner of a yoga business, including promotional content that sells, information that adds value to your audience, and personal musings and stories that invite conversation. All of these types of content are important as you grow your brand.

But what’s the right mix? How do you strike that balance of content in your social media marketing?

It can be a hard balance to strike, because as someone with a business you have to sell– but we all hate to feel like we’re being “sales-y.”

This post will show you how to find that balance, so you feel good about the social media marketing you’re putting out into the world.

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Identify your types of content for social media marketing

I gave a few examples of types of content above, but here’s where you break it down further. I’ll walk you through identifying your types of content with the example of a yoga teacher, but this will be slightly different for each of us!

3 main types of content:

Let’s break it down further, getting specific about what those types of content look like for your specific business. For example:

1. Promotional content

2. Information that adds value

3. Personal musings and stories that invite conversation

Create content buckets for your social media marketing

I call the bullet points above content buckets. For your business, I recommend choosing 4-6 content buckets that feel right to you. For the example above, those might be:

Create a calendar for social media marketing

After you identify your types of content and create your content buckets, start rotating through those buckets! It can be really helpful to use a scheduling tool (I love for Instagram) to help keep you on track. That way, you can batch your social media posts and write them when you feel the most inspired, so they’ll be ready to go when you need them.

Let’s wrap up

Ultimately, finding the right balance in your social media marketing is personal. But if you break down your content into at least 5 buckets and create a calendar to cycle through those buckets each week, you’ll create well-rounded social media platforms that build your brand and sell your work in a genuine, authentic way.

Keep tweaking until you reach what feels right to you!

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