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Who Is The MilitantNegro™

والسلام عليكم Unapologetic Negro Fighter For Oppressed Forgotten Masses. When A Man Speaks The Truth With NO Concern For Consequences, He Becomes A Great Man

Trump Solution.

Are YOU Still Proud Of YOUR POTUS?

THIS Child Is Whom YOU Elected To The White House

Palestinian Love For The People Of Gaza

I stand with the amazing people Of The State Of Palestine

Blogging The Facts & Truth The Militant Way Since 2011. Thank you for visiting. Ya’ll Come Back Ya Hear.

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The Black Panther Party For Self Defense

Justice “By Any Means Necessary”

Malcolm X Diary

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”

Palestine MUST BE FREE. Return Palestine To The Palestinians.

Return Palestine To Palestinians. Remove ALL Zionist From Gaza. IsraHELL does NOT exist. There is ONLY Palestine.

Black & Missing

We Will Not Forget You. Bring THESE Girls/Women/Men/Boys HOME.

Bloggers 4 Peace

Bloggers For Peace: People Engaged Aligned Committed.

Every Town Gun Sense

Everytown For Gun Safety. Please Support.

The Sentencing Project: Help End Mass Incarceration.

Bill Clinton Started Mass Incarceration.

Join #1000Speak

Silence IS A Crime. Speak For The Voiceless. Silent NO Longer.

Moms Demand Action

Enough IS Enough. Stop Guns From KILLING Our Children. Moms Demand ACTION.

Gun Sense Voter

Support Local Laws To Reduce Gun Violence

Social Awareness

Standing Up For The Innocent


Stand With Humanity. Help Save The Human Race. Before It’s Too Late.

Deadly Force

Law Enforcement Started Out As Slave Hunters. Still Hunting People Of Color Today.

Stop Injustice

No Peace. No Killer Police.

STOP Bullying


Yemeni Children

Yemen Children are STARVING.

Feed Yemeni Children. Defeat Hunger.

3.2 Million Meals Served.

The Magnificent Beauty Of The Negro Women

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Nominated By Mia Cara Dolce Sorella Ritu Bhathal.


Fiery Orb -Haiku

The fiery orb white, Prancing through a veil of grey, Lit up the seas dark.

Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave The Dumbfuckery At The Door.

The Militant Negro. What’s It All About.

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