Faces of Courage shares untold stories of Filipino veterans of World War II

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An effort is underway to raise awareness of the contributions of Filipino veterans during WWII and the subsequent injustices they faced. A one-hour program called “Faces of Courage: Untold Stories of Filipino Veterans of World War II” will be televised on the Hawaii News Now stations starting on Veterans’ Day, November 11 at 7pm on K5.

The 18-minute documentary film produced by FilVetREP explains the history of Filipino contributions in support of the US–long before WW II started–and the important role that the Filipino vets played in helping to win the war in the Pacific. Despite promises made by the US during WW II to provide veterans benefits and US citizenship to the Filipino soldiers who fought for America, the US passed the Rescission Act after WWII ended and reneged on its promises to the Filipino veterans.

Here’s a full list of broadcast dates: Nov. 11, 7p.m, K5; Nov. 13, 6 p.m. KGMB; Nov. 20, 4 p.m. KHNL.

The Beta Beta Gamma Foundation partnered with the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project, or FilVetREP for short, to get an education program underway.

Donations are being accepted at Donations received by Dec. 31 go toward covering the educational efforts.

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