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When Facebook recently introduced its Portal and Portal+ devices, the magnifying glasses were out and the coding went through an intensive inspection. Jane Manchun Wong, a social media tipster, was the first to leak the name of a secret product or project going by the code name “Ripley.”

But what is “Ripley” and why does it matter, especially to your pool and spa business?

Facebook Is Taking over Televisions

Facebook has taken over a lot of computer and handheld screens over the past decade. It seems that with the introduction of “Ripley” and Facebook Watch, it’s also rolling full steam ahead to take over your television set.

While Facebook hasn’t made an official statement as of yet, multiple sources say that “Ripley” is a plug-in camera and microphone-equipped set-top box (sort of like Roku and Apple TV) that will allow for seamless video chatting and video content viewing. You’ll be able to play videos (like “The Real World,” which Facebook Watch is reviving) and chat with friends, or even customers, at the same time.

The product is supposedly slated for release in spring 2019.

Giving Facebook a Peak into Your Home

This is an exciting product and it brings about a number of opportunities to connect not only with friends and family, but also pool and spa customers in an engaging and exciting way. You can both view and chat about the landscaping, the poolscapes, water features and other details your customers see and like in real-time. You can address questions, concerns, and troubleshoot issues right then and there while perhaps even enjoying a television show together (don’t forget the popcorn!).

But having Facebook “Ripley” could also mean giving the social media platform 24/7 eyes and ears into your home, as they would be in full control of their product’s camera and microphone. Given the recent scandals that have plagued the network (including a breach which exposed personal data of an estimated 30 million users), it’s unclear whether or not most people will be willing to trust Facebook enough to use this product.

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