Face to face marketing tips: It’s easier than you think

Face-to-face marketing no longer exclusively means elaborate and costly experiential events. It can form part of your everyday marketing strategy in the form of smaller events that position you directly in front of your target audience in settings such as Tesco.

An effective face-to-face marketing exercise builds rapport and trust with your audience. It’s much more important to prepare well, get the right location, set your goals in place and make sure you have a plan for using the data you collect in a meaningful way, than spending lots of money.

The best part about including smaller face-to-face marketing events in your current strategy is that you can set up numerous events, in a variety of spaces, where you are certain your target audience will be. You’ll build an emotional connection between your brand and your audience that will amplify your other marketing efforts – and at a fraction of the cost that you might expect.

Market research shows that the best strategies include face to face marketing

Face-to-face marketing places you in direct contact with the people you want to speak to – and statistics shows us just how powerful this can be. According to figures from Event Marketing Institute’s EventTrack survey:

• 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential event due to the trust and rapport built during this kind of      interaction
• 80% of users said physical brand experiences help define purchasing decisions
• 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase following an event 

Creating an emotional response requires stimulating a chemical reaction: something that doesn’t happen when we interact with a brand digitally. The powerful neurotransmitters in our brains respond to anticipation of reward, social situations and other human faces in person.

It is, therefore, biology that makes face-to-face marketing so successful – something the digital world has yet to emulate. And yet, a combination of in person and digital campaigns feed off each other to create some of the most successful marketing and sales results ever. (Think Amazon’s Wholefoods retail experience.)

How to plan your face-to-face promotions for best results

Creating a personal experience to underpin your other marketing activities is a powerful move, but only if you do It the right way. Here are five ways to ensure your event is a great success.

Set out your clear objectives for lead conversion from the start

You need to understand what you plan to achieve. Make sure you have a purpose for this campaign and know how it works in relation to your other strategies.

Once you’ve created an emotional response in your audience, you will find it very difficult to change it – so make sure you are aiming for the best possible reaction to your event.

Understand what your best location looks like

Who is your target audience? Understanding what your ideal customer looks like is extremely important. Only with this persona in mind can you pinpoint the best places to meet them. There is no reason to limit your events to a single location. There are retail areas across the country with space available for face-to-face promotions.

Plan the context of face-to-face interactions and data collection

Get to know your location before your event for best results. What are the optimum times for your promotion? How will you plan staff breaks around these? How do you plan to represent your brand on the day of the event?

Think about how digital messaging and online brand personality is mimicked in the real-world scenario. Do you need to be concerned with seasonality? Is your product or service affected by the customer’s buying cycle? Should you pay attention to other events happening around the same time you want to run your event?

Today is showtime and you’re only going to reap what you sow

Be ready to engage, communicate, assist and serve. This is not a direct sales event. You’re there to engage customers and give them information, resources and time to experience your brand.

This entire scenario must be a valuable experience for them. Be prepared; have information and answers to questions on-hand. Always check that you’re aligning with your brand digitally, so that your physical experience is familiar, not jarring.

The day after your face-to-face event is not a time to relax

Now is when the real work begins. You need a plan of action that includes following up on leads. Communicate with leads via the channels they said they prefer and do it soon: leads significantly cool after the first 48 hours following an event.

Using your offline promotions to empower all marketing campaigns

The data you collect in person, even if it takes the form of negative feedback, is gold dust to your future marketing campaigns. If you use your data wisely, not only will you potentially shorten the sales cycle, but you will have granular intelligence about your audience you didn’t possess before.

You will understand first-hand the kind of conversations they like to have, you will have seen them out with their families, perhaps you’ll even have insights into the kind of TV shows they like to watch.

Imagine the additional targeting you can now achieve in social media, TV advertising and beyond by taking your face-to-face interactions into the digital world.

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