Expeditions Lāna‘i Ferry Updated COVID-19 Rules Limit Unescorted Freight

The Expeditions Lānaʻi Ferry announced updated COVID-19 rules and changes that take effect immediately, limiting the amount of unescorted freight that will be allowed on each trip from Lahaina and Lānaʻi.

The company reopened service to the public on June 17, but due to the amount of time it has taken for crew to load and unload the boat in a timely manner, the new rules are being implemented.

Going forward, there will be only be five bins/totes (black with yellow covers) at both booths on either side that will be allocated specifically for unescorted freight with a flat rate price of $20.80 for each one.  It will be available on a first come, first serve basis at either booth.

Payments will be made directly with the booth agent and we will no longer allow reservations ahead of time.

Everything must be able to fit into the bins and nothing will be allowed taped/secured to the outside at all.

Passengers who would like to send something to Lahaina or Lānaʻi, are asked to show up at the booth an hour before departure with their items and see if a bin is available at that time.

To date, passengers have been allowed to travel with more than the normal amount of luggage which may incur additional costs.  Company representatives say they will try their best to accommodate everyone as best as possible.

The company’s focus remains on passenger ferry service and not freight transportation.

Additional travel restrictions apply for minors ages 17 and under.  These passengers must be accompanied by their legal parent or guardian in order to use the ferry.   The State of Hawaii Mandatory Travel & Health Form must be filled out for each passenger traveling including infants with parent signature attached.

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