Events Planning: SMS Marketing Ideas

SMS marketing in Australia is a versatile and powerful tool for events planning, from organising concerts to product launches; trade fairs to festivals, and everything in between. It helps deliver the very best experience to your clients, participants, and attendees while benefiting your business and brand. As we evolve from traditional SMS marketing to RCS messaging practices, these benefits and features offered will be enhanced exponentially.

How can you utilise SMS for events planning and marketing?

Increase Engagement

Make your event interactive with SMS – encourage patrons to send messages to the organiser, presenters, or even the entertainers. Display these on a big screen. Provide a shortcode to enable this process. The great benefit of using SMS for engagement is that it happens in real-time and converts your participants from a passive audience into active brand ambassadors for your business.

Sell Tickets

Make ticket sales mobile using SMS. This can be done in a number of ways, including sending an SMS link to a mobile-optimised booking page; having consumers express interest in your event by replying to an SMS that you then follow-up; or selling mobile e-tickets which minimise costs, queues, and staffing by using a scannable QR ticket code delivered directly to the purchaser’s mobile.

Run Competitions

Competitions are a fantastic way to get the public involved in your event and boost numbers. It also creates awareness on an impressive scale. Offer the chance to win tickets, products, or experiences; prizes may include backstage passes, behind-the-scenes tours, upgrades, merchandise, or tickets for future events.

Build your List

Building a list of valuable assets is the key to successful marketing campaigns in the future. You do need to make it very clear that by providing their mobile number, consumers are opting into receiving your marketing material, and also ensure that opting out is clear and simple should they choose to do so in future.

Manage Staff

It’s not just B2C communication that makes SMS and RCS messaging so valuable. Managing staff has never been easier than with SMS – reach staff instantly via mobile to confirm dates, times and locations; advise security updates; manage staff assignment; provide rosters and fill gaps; and much more.

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