Entrepreneur shares life wisdom after starting limousine, Tahitian pearl business

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John Lowy was born on Seychelles, a small island in the Indian Ocean between Africa and India. When he was 12 years old, he was adopted by an American family who brought him to live in the United States.

He started out working in restaurants and eventually opened his own on Hollywood Boulevard. There he met his first wife, and eventually the two sold everything on the mainland in order to move to Hawaii to start a new life together in 1969.

In Hawaii, he started his own taxi business with a few taxi cabs. After a while, he met a number of people who wanted limousines, so eventually he started driving one to meet the demand. After expanding to three limousines, Lowy’s business grew, and he found himself driving princes from Saudi Arabia. He even had contracts with the Australian Embassy and ABC Sports. While driving limousines, he also met stars like OJ Simpson and Whitney Houston.

After the September 11 attacks in 2001, Lowy decided to say goodbye to his limousine business and started a new venture by creating Dream Pearls in Tahiti, which specializes in black Tahitian pearls. The local business was one of many featured on the Pop-Up Mākeke. From gorgeous necklaces to even rings and bracelets, the business offers one-of-a-kind pieces featuring gorgeous Tahitian pearls that are perfect for any occasion.

“My friend has his own farm in Tahiti, and it’s a good business,” Lowy says.

To the people of Hawaii, Lowy sends this message: Never give up.

“Especially young kids that get in trouble,” he adds. “Do something that you want to do. Work hard, find a good job, and make good money. Then you’ll see the difference from what you did before and what you do now. So don’t give up!”

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