Enter McDonald’s photo contest to win the food you love for an entire year!

Sponsored by McDonald’s of Hawaii

This holiday season, McDonald’s of Hawaii will be awarding five of its most loyal customers the delicious, craveable food they love for an entire year! McDonald’s and HI Now are hosting a photo contest for your chance to win. We’ll let our viewers vote for their favorites. Simply send in a photo that best captures your love and long-time loyalty for McDonald’s. And the best part; it’s free to enter.

Here are some ideas: a birthday party at McDonald’s when you were growing up, or your little ones showing off their favorite Happy Meal toys or maybe it’s just friends and family enjoying their go-to meals.

Submit your photos at You can post your photos on our website for everyone to view and vote for their favorites. Be sure to tune in to HI Now on Dec. 17 to find out if you won 1st place!

McDonald’s will award 5 loyal customers with the food they love for an entire year:

5th Place – 1 year of crispy and tender Chicken McNuggets ($1,000 value)
4th Place – 1 year of McDonald’s World Famous Fries ($1,000 value)
3rd Place – 1 year of Happy Meals – Because who doesn’t love Happy Meals? ($2,000 value) ➢
2nd Place – 1 year of a McDonald’s of Hawaii classic the Spam, Eggs & Rice Breakfast Platter ($2,000 value)
And for the Grand Prize, 1st Place – 1 year of two fan-favorites: mouth-watering Big Macs and juicy Crispy Chicken Sandwiches ($4,000 value)

McDonald’s is big on loyalty. In fact, they recently launched MyMcDonald’s® Rewards on the McDonald’s app. Sign up for free today and start earning points for free food!

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