Emerging trends to keep an eye on in digital marketing.

Digital platforms are experiencing rapid changes and updates. Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the drastic changes on the Facebook algorithm is causing major waves within the digital marketing industry. The way advertising is digested by consumers is always on the rise. It is no longer adequate to be updated on latest trends and one has to be alert on what is next. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the trends that are expected to impact heavily on digital marketing and how to reach customers.

Be ready to consume in both virtual and augmented worlds.
Virtual reality will most likely be the most transformative advancement in technology and your agency should be prepared. VR/AR have already started to be adopted by social media platforms into their algorithms. Facebook and Google cardboards have 360-Video publishing but most notably, Snapchat has offered its users the capacity to project their virtual self in form of a 3-D animated bitmoji into the real world. Technology will grow in a matter of time and brands will start figuring out how to make the most from these advancements. Virtual and augmented reality are gradually seeping into people’s lives.

Voice search will definitely change the SEO industry
Think of a world where you have multiple Alexa devices at home. When planning movie night, you say “Alexa, order me a pizza.” Your request is then directed to Google’s search engine and the pizza is ordered for you. All marketers should be able to figure out how to market through their devices rather than humans. Our devices will have capabilities to search for information that you ask. However, people will no longer be at the helm of their search queries since devices will get information according to our preferences and learning our tendencies. Marketers will therefore be required to build applications to the devices.

Development will be started by a mobile-first approach.
With the continued increase of mobile and tablet usage, marketers will have to come up with new ways to optimize the brand user experience first on mobile devices. Today, there is more mobile traffic to sites than desktop and this data is used to drive design and development strategies. Marketers thought process should shift along with shifts in consumer behaviors. It is easy to make decisions and develop strategies driven by data rather than intuition, if a marketer understands and predicts how the people are moving.

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