Embrace the madness to create interesting marketing campaigns

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, but oftentimes that doesn’t extend to their marketing content, which is a mistake

The business community has largely woken up to the value of publishing content as an avenue for marketing and lead generation. But with the rush, it feels as if businesses are creating content just to fill up space.

For example, social media platforms offer many outlets, often free, for people to express their thoughts or brand messaging. But it is filled with fine cracks and most posts seep through like water. So it os worth thinking a little harder to develop that unique point of view to develop a deep-rooted impact.

In 2018, the number of likes on social media platforms are no longer the critical determinant of success for a piece of content.

Authenticity is the key to ensure that the brand message withstands the stages of growth and the evolution of media platforms. It takes consistency, creativity and controversy to stay on top of the game.

This is also why we should learn a lesson from out by the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland:

“We are all mad.”

The best writers do not draft content to draw likes. Instead, they come to terms with their quirkiness and craft content that represents an opinion or worldview.

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Startups are lucky because they are well-positioned to take advantage of content creation. Their unique business model and disruptive products or services are the perfect settings for passionate stories. Also, it creates an internal culture that allows writers to embrace creativity and madness.

All startups are a Mad Hatter. If they aren’t a bit insane, then they are not a startup. This is why it is important for companies to extend this metaphor a little further and embrace some risk in communication as well.

Eccentric ideas help break the clutter. Relook at ways to produce content. For instance, rethink scripted video, consider a reality show and drum up some live demonstrations instead.

Search for Alice. Be inquisitive. Discover your customers. Chat with them. Follow them down the rabbit hole to understand their world. It is only the rabbit hole that allows Founders to recognise their pain points and identify it in their communication.

Adopt Dinah. Alice spoke about Dinah many times about her hunting skills. Build your advocates and early adopters, let them be the one who shares your thoughts and beliefs. Create a community for them and grow the brand tribe.

So, pet the Cheshire Cat, put on the mad hat, dive down the rabbit hole and start working on your content strategy.

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